Potential Story: Treasures of the Valley: Fresh Air Solutions, Inc.

Having a bad AIR day?  Have you had your ducts cleaned?

There is much to be said about out-of-sight-out-of-mind when it comes to home maintenance and safety.  If your child breaks a window while playing ball, you fix it.  If a handrail is broken, you replace it.  When your wall is used as one big coloring book….you clean it, and/or paint over it.  But what about the things you don’t see, the things that are building up and just waiting to become a hazard?

This month’s highlight is on a local business called Fresh Air Solutions, Inc.  The business is a 6-year-old, Veteran owned and operated company specializing in Air Duct and Dryer Vent cleaning with over 15 years experience.  As I talked to owner, Garry Michael about safety issues, I specifically asked about dryer vents and the many things we may have heard about them lately.  He said he had safety tips on dryer vents as well as other things that he would be happy to share with our readers:  

Safety Tip #1 – Gas Logs

In the past few years we have seen an increase in the number of gas logs “sooting up” homes. The root cause is usually traced to the logs being improperly set up and the fire burning one (or more) of the logs, thus creating a black soot. Sometimes it is a gradual process. Move a picture on your wall and you should be able to see the difference in the color along the edge. Another cause is poor maintenance of the logs. All gas logs should be checked out on a regular schedule by an authorized technician.

Safety Tip #2 – Dryer Vents

More house fires are caused, due to dryer vents than ANY other reason. An improper hose, clogged hose and/or vent, or just having the dryer hose “crushed” against the wall can cause fires. Fresh Air Solutions, Inc. performs the most comprehensive dryer vent cleaning around. We address all of the items listed and then some…. at half the cost of our competitors!

Safety Tip #3 – Air Ducts

Having your ducts cleaned should take at least 3 to 6 hours to complete. If you are told it can be done in 1 or 2 hours, then that should raise a red flag. An improperly cleaned duct system can cause all kinds of problems, your house will start to get very dusty, your coils in your air handler can get covered up with debris and cause the AC to “ice up” and blow warm air while in the “cool” mode. This situation can also cause a mold breeding ground (moisture). Other issues with a duct system can be your humidifier. Yes, your humidifier can hold stale water and cause all sorts of health issues.

We’ve been locked up inside our homes for months due to the super cold temperatures of winter, and our indoor heating system have been continuously working.  During that time, what has your indoor air quality been like?  Have you had any “bad AIR days?”  It’s highly possible that indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality.  Have you ever had your ducts and vents cleaned?  Have you SEEN what’s in there??  Just check out these before and after pictures from Fresh Air Solutions, Inc.

Do you experience frequent headaches, coughing, long lasting colds, chest tightness, sore throat, itchy eyes, bronchitis or suffer from asthma?  Bad air can trigger such things.  If you notice that you clean and clean and the dust keeps coming back, that your kids seem to have allergies or breathing problems, it could be that you have dirty ducts in your home continually blowing dirty air which might include dust, dead bugs, pest droppings, animal hair and dander, pollen, mold, bacteria buildup or even plaster into your home.  Needless to say, if that’s the case, then every time your furnace or air conditioner runs, it’s polluting your home and affecting the overall comfort and health of your family.

There are many consequences that come from not having your ducts and dryer vents cleaned regularly.  Minor allergies can become a nonstop struggle and sometimes it can even cause cancer.

In addition, clogged and dirty furnace filter or air cleaner will make the furnace work harder, increasing the cost to operate it each month as well as shortening it’s life cycle.  

Garry says, “Fresh Air Solutions can address all of these problems and more! We stand behind our work and value our customers. Our track record speaks for itself and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.” Fresh Air Solutions also works hand in hand with several “restoration” companies performing water, mold, and fire restoration service.

So if you want better health for your family, to be breathing better, saving money, and keeping your home safe from fire hazards, give Fresh Air Solutions, Inc. a call today at 540-293-8267 or contact via the web at http://freshairsolutions.net.  They will be glad to discuss your issues with you and see if they can have you breathing Fresh Air in no time!