November 12, 2019

Make Time To Take Out The Trash

So, last weekend was Replenish Festival 2019. Being a non-profit organization, they rely solely on donations and sponsorships to provide the festival of worship and family fun to the community. This year, there were not enough funds garnered to have the weekend long festival on the Burnett Farm and rather than not hold a festival, the decision was made to hold an indoor event at Christiansburg High School.

Since we weren’t camping this year, I didn’t need to worry about packing up gear and water and food, etc. for the event and spent the better part of the day working on various things up until the time to depart. On my way out the door, I grabbed the trash and thru it into the back of my Baja truck and headed out.

In my busyness of running, I completely forgot to make the turn to drop the trash off at the dumpsters. When I realized this, I was already partially toward my destination in Christiansburg and didn’t feel like I had time to turn around and drop off the trash.

As I drove to the event, the thought came to mind about how often we all carry our own trash around with us instead of throwing it out and laying it down before God. How many times, do we get so wrapped up and busy that we don’t take time to be with Him? How many times, do we not want to “burden” our Father with our “smelly garbage” and instead carry it around with us?

We all know what happens when our trash doesn’t get thrown out, right? It begins to stink worse and worse! God calls us to give it ALL over to him, yes… ALL, every bit of it and yes, even the stinkiest pieces of our lives. Why? Because He wants to wash us, cleanse us and give us peace and a new hope of a new tomorrow… a tomorrow in which He is ever present and there for us to lean on, to glean strength from and to comfort us and heal us from our past.

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