Let Me EARN Your Business!

I realize that marketers before me have often left bad impressions with business owners.  It’s frustrating when a person makes great promises and then can’t deliver.  It leaves an owner to decide that rather than deal with a marketer, they must figure out a way to do it themselves, but that costs them time that should be devoted to customer service and client building.

I don’t believe in just asking for your business.  I want to EARN it.  My specialty is Facebook marketing due to its sophisticated way of reaching out to the very ones who are most likely to be interested in your business.  I say, “Pay me nothing for a trial.”  Give me 24-48 hours to see if I can bring you new clients and/leads for your business.  If I can deliver, then we can talk about working with each other moving forward.  There is NO RISK to you!

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As of April 2016, Facebook currently sits at 1.59 billion monthly active users.  So while there are multiple social media platforms out there, Facebook is the perfect place to start with your social media presence.  I can offer the following services:

  • Initial Page Setup
  • Monthly Content Management and Curation
  • Facebook Advertising:  Design/Write Ad, Set-up Corresponding Landing Pages, Set-up Forms for Email Collection for Continued Marketing, Monitor Campaign for best ROI, Recommend Ad Spend


In today’s market, you MUST leverage video!  We all know that video can tell a story, share an experience and let your audience see a little bit of the “real you”.  If you don’t have video, be sure make an appointment to get some recording done!

  • Video production – you can see of the video production I’ve done under my volunteer projects.  But I also have friends more specialized for higher quality production.

Other social media

So everyone knows the big ones:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  And you’ve also heard of YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, SnapChat, and others.

Social media is the leading marketing trend and can be one of the best ways to get your brand out and build loyal relationships with your audience, when done well.  It can be confusing.  It can be overwhelming.  As a business owner, you can try to figure it all out, and soon find you just spent two hours scrolling through posts when all you “needed” to do was post your most recent sale item, restaurant special or loyalty reward incentive.  Why not designate that task to someone who loves watching the numbers of the analytics and knows how to create a following and engage your audience?  Social media is ever changing and to stay on-top of it, you have to be ever learning.

  • Design a total social media campaign for all your various platforms.
  • Promote using special techniques for each.  For instance Twitter works best with #hastags, Instagram needs images, etc.
  • Monthly fee based upon how many outlets you have and discounted if booked for 3 or more months.


Blogging is key to helping your website rank higher in search engines.  Due to its ever changing and updated content, this is a simple and easy way to stay in contact with your potential clients and audience.  This is where you want to offer great content that keeps an audience coming back.  And every now and then you can offer great deals and send them through a sales funnel if they are interested.

  • Custom Design and template creation and training – $1,200
  • Writing/Editing Content – $300/month 3 posts a week
  • Ghostwriting extensive (350-700 words) blog posts – $75 each

Other Marketing Services

  • Website Improvements / Updates / Maintenance – need a revamp of your website, need to make continual updates, or just need some regular maintenance, I can help with that.  You will want to keep your website “fresh looking” by staying with current trends and fresh content will keep the interest of your most frequent web visitors.
  • Social Media Blast – coordinate a whole social media campaign targeting various platforms
  • Custom Email Campaign- setting up a way to capture leads and then market to them through email.  It’s a great way to deliver news and updates directly to their InBox.  A solid list can often be your best marketing asset.
  • Print Marketing / Graphic Design – No matter how much people are online these days, there is still a need for some print marketing.  A business card is still essential when you are out and about and networking.  And depending on your business, a brochure can be an excellent marketing piece as well.  The key is to be consistent with you design so you reflect the same branding online as well as off-line.