Job Resume & Experience

I enjoy accomplishing tasks and achieving goals. I have a background in graphic design and have gained experience relating the creative to the technical via my own business and while with AECOM. I am well versed in graphic and website design and social media. I am searching for a company that will allow me to use all of my creative skills and will recognize individuals that contribute to a team environment.


Co-Owner, StudioThought, LLC; Roanoke, VA — 2009 to Present

StudioThought, LLC offers 3D visualization services for architectural and product designs as well as website development and marketing. Have large skill sets in both software and hardware as we are heavily immersed in the Adobe Creative Suite products and Macintosh platform.

Responsibilities and achievements include:

  • Producing 3D architectural and product graphic illustrations for clients
  • Developing web designs and sites for clients
  • Marketing services specializing in Facebook advertising
  • Sales Promotion and customer service for a coupon website to promote local business
    • Contact business owners to discuss opportunities offered through website
    • Promote businesses through social media and website
    • IT support for helping both business owners and the consumer/public with registering and log-in for Hometown Freebies
  • As co-owner, responsible for administrative and management duties including accounting: payables and receivables

Anderson & Associates

Marketing Specialist, Anderson & Associates, Inc. — 2014 to 2015

A&A, Inc. is an engineering firm specializing in civil, environmental and transportation engineering services.

  • Provide graphic design for advertisements
  • Assist in proposal preparation for submittals for projects
  • Assist in website creation

Tail Fins and Chrome

Freelance Writer/Contributor, Tail Fins and Chrome — 2014 to 2015

Tail Fins and Chrome is a national magazine spun-off from the cable television show. It is a new print publication that can be picked up at select Barnes and Noble locations or subscribed to via an app on mobile devices.

Strengthening Our System, Inc.

Administrative Assistant, Strengthening Our System, Inc. — 2013 to 2015

SOS Inc. is a company specializing in providing in-home support for the mentally and intellectually disabled.

  • Provide general office support primarily to human resources staff, but also to all administrative staff. Help maintain file records of individuals being served as well as field staff. Much attention to detail to keep records accurate and up-to-date.
  • Interviewed prospective employees and made sure all employment forms were completed and filed correctly.
  • Serve as back-up person to IT manager and in a marketing supportive role creating trade show banners, marketing brochures, business cards and other stationary.
  • Maintain social media page.

Growing Up In The Valley

Freelance Writer/Contributor, Growing Up In The Valley — 2012 to 2014

Growing Up In The Valley is a local print publication that can be picked up for free at local grocery markets and various doctor’s offices and schools in and around the valley.

Crenshaw Lighting

Sales & Project Management, Crenshaw Lighting; Floyd, VA — 2011 to 2013

Crenshaw Lighting is a custom lighting manufacturer specializing in producing church lighting, hand-crafted fine lighting, and historical restorations and replications.

  • Inside sales support and project management for midwestern territories
  • Provide customer service and general office support services for sales team by entering orders, filing, tracking and updating files, providing quotes for phone inquiries
  • Coordinate website updates, photography of work in progress
  • Also research technological ways in which sales staff can run more efficiently by researching and recommending database programs, helped build new database

AECOM (formerly HSMM)

AECOM (formerly HSMM); Roanoke, VA — 1996 to 2011

AECOM is an architectural, engineering, planning and environmental company with employees worldwide. Employed for several years (beginning with HSMM), I started with an entry level position and was promoted into various job titles and positions.

Responsibilities and achievements include:

  • Key person for maintaining master files of resumes for professional staff and narratives for proposals. Provided support for compiling proposals for submittals.
  • Support marketing team with assistance in creating presentation products
    • Invitations, printed ads, brochures and proposals, etc.
    • Help in the design of expo booths
    • Designing and distributing mass rich HTML emails and electronic newsletters
    • Served as a liaison between the creative design team and the website development team as we worked to bring the design to life as well as suggested ways to optimize those designs for faster load times, smarter/simpler GUI, etc.
  • Producing architectural visualizations in the form of 3D renderings and computer animation
  • Model specific furniture items and other components in 3D, create lighting to simulate interior and exterior scenes, and create textures from actual physical samples in order to generate photo-realistic renderings and animations to show clients the design of a space before construction / renovation.
    • Produce video from animation frames, adding music, title screens and transitions.
    • Produce photo-composites using 3D rendered objects and placing them within photograph of actual site / space.
    • Take 360º VR photography for multi-media projects. Composite 3D objects for “before and after” images.
  • Assisting the webmaster in creating and programming content for intranet and multiple internet sites
    • Helped to develop an “Employee Locator” tool using Lasso programming language for our legacy company’s intranet. Allows data to be filtered via searches by division, office location, department or position and then allows one to generate an email to all found employees.
    • Screened ideas and suggestions for implementation and incorporation into the intranet and relayed them to the webmaster
    • After the merger, was responsible for uploading information to content management system for AECOM
  • Was instrumental in providing research and suggesting moving workflow from Microsoft Word to Adobe InDesign. Also researched Digital Asset Management systems.
  • Provided basic training for new employees in Adobe Creative Suite programs and create a “Tech Tips” newsletter to share shortcuts and best practices in workflows. Produced training how-to videos.

St. John's Episcopal Church

St. John’s Episcopal Church; Roanoke, VA — 1993-1996

St. John’s Church is a large parish of over 2000 members. It is the largest church in the Southwestern Virginia Diocese.

  • Responsible for all printed publications: weekly newsletter, brochures and logo designs, annual reports, stewardship materials, letterhead/stationary, weekly service bulletins.
  • Maintained printing equipment and coordinating outside production of publications with local printers.
  • Responsible for coordinating and managing volunteer help from parish members.



Studies in communication arts with photography. Knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite products, Macintosh platform, 3d modeling, rendering, animation package. Ability to coordinate tasks and teach others. As part-owner in a company, I multitask among accounting, sales, management and production.

I’ve been involved in marketing, networking and social media (in its various forms) and have written blog posts for different websites as well as produced press releases and marketing materials.

I have provided video production for a formerly attended church and helped maintain the church’s website and social media site as well as help with their Preschool website and media.

I have a wide range of skills and am always willing to learn.

I believe that each job position I have had has served as a stepping stone to something better and given me experience for future growth.

At St. John’s Episcopal Church:  I managed all printed publications as well as a volunteer staff for the office and newsletter production.

At HSMM / AECOM:  I gained experience event planning as I helped and later lead the planning of the annual holiday party.  I also taught a training classes for both InDesign and Photoshop from the Adobe Creative Suite.

At Crenshaw Lighting:  I gained experience in project management and database design.

At Strengthening Our System:  I gained Human Resources experience as I interviewed potential employees and made sure that all proper forms for employment were filled out and filed correctly.

At Anderson and Associates:  I’m gaining more marketing and publicity experience.

Achievement: An animation my team produced at my former company won an award from a national magazine (AV Video, now Studio Monthly). Being a woman in the field of animation, it was an honor to receive the opportunity to be featured in the same magazine a few months later with six other women from across the nation.

Volunteer Involvement: MOPS International – I volunteer as a field leader for MOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers). As a special projects person, I am responsible for helping where needed to support the state team and the organization.

Volunteer Involvement: Replenish Ministries, Inc. – I volunteer as head of marketing for Replenish Ministries, Inc. I serve on the board and maintain both the ministry website and the Replenish Festival website as well as promoting via social media and providing graphic design services.