Teresa_PicI wear many hats and never get the recommended amount of sleep.  I secretly wish that I had a real “time-turner” from the popular Harry Potter stories in which Hermione uses in order to accomplish the large study load she was taking.  You see, I work full-time for an engineering firm, yet I also am a partner to StudioThought, LLC where we design and develop websites while helping small businesses market themselves.  I’m a mom and a wife, a friend to many and also a volunteer leader with MOPS, International and a board member and head of marketing and communications for Replenish Ministries, Inc.

So, yes, life is busy and I’m not usually sitting around watching TV, but I enjoy life and love it when I can be part of something bigger than me.  And meaning for life is what’s important, right?

I’ve longed for an outlet to write and an outlet in which to show my personal designs and creations, and so having put this website on the back-burner long enough… I introduce to you Frazzle Dazzle Mama (please be patient as I’m still smoothing things).  Even when frazzled, you can be dazzled by God’s grace, and with the talent He gave me, I plan to help you dazzle your clients!

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I do work on many different projects, please contact me if you have an idea you would like to bring to life.  I will then listen to understand what you want to accomplish and decide the steps to get it done!  Each project is quoted individually.  Website design starts at $500.

Phone: 540.239.3462