Thank You

November 29, 2014

Simple “Thank You”

Don’t forget to say, “Thank You” because you just might make someone’s day

Being a mom is often a THANKless job.  Day after day, you labor to feed, clothe and bathe your baby and/or children.  You try to keep up the housework, laundry and dishes and often times deprive yourself of any time of refreshment.  For the working mom, you add 40 hours a week OUTSIDE of the home (plus commute time) and you often have an over-tired, over-worked, over-stressed mommy!

I’m constantly trying to teach my kids to say “please” and “thank you,” but sometimes I’m in such a routine of doing things that I don’t even notice if they “bark” a command at me until my husband will remind them to ask with a “please.”

In my own MOPS group, we recently took a test to discover our love language during a MOPS meeting night.  My strongest language was Quality Time and my second (the one I thought would be first) was Affirmation.  Both my hubby and I work Monday through Friday daylight hours.  One Saturday morning, he was called in to work.  So, instead of sleeping in, I got up and did the usual thing I do during the work week:  make coffee and pack his lunch.  As he came to give me my good-bye kiss, he said “thank you for getting up and making me coffee and packing my lunch, babe”.  Wow!  It was such a simple thing for him to do and yet it did WONDERS for me the whole day.  I thrive knowing what I do is appreciated.

I know not everyone has the same love language.  But as we teach our kids to say “please” and “thank you” we need to make sure we are practicing saying it ourselves.  We need to learn to be more complimentary and share God’s love with all that we meet.  You never know when you might make a mom’s day by complimenting her on her mom skills.  I recently got a compliment from a friend via Facebook on my being a mom and it, too, made my day.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, the labors of being mom can take a toll on you.  So what’s a mom to do?  Well for starters, she can find a MOPS group!  Every mom needs a friend and every church needs a MOPS group.  You may already be involved with MOPS and if so, are reaping the benefit of getting some much needed refreshment and encouragement from fellow moms.  But what about that mom that just had the baby down the street?  Have you invited her to MOPS yet? Afraid your group is too full?  Why not spin off a new group?!  Call a field leader today (I’m a field leader, so you can call me, too) about it and to discuss.

Keep up the good work mom!  You are valuable in God’s sight and the light in your children’s eyes!

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