Treasures of the Valley – Dr. Katherin Reinholtz, ND

Treasures of the Valley – Dr. Katherin Reinholtz, ND

As many families strive to be healthier by buying and consuming organic foods, many have also opted for holistic approaches to many common ailments.  The internet is full of websites promoting such and there is a plethora of information to read and research.  In addition to the many websites, you can also find Naturopathic Doctors who can offer various services.  

One such doctor is located in the New River Valley.  Dr. Katherine Reinholtz, ND practices naturaopathic medicine in Blacksburg, VA.  What exactly is naturaopathic medicine?  It is a holistic system of medicine combining the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your health in order to help you feel your very best.  Is it right for you?  You can never be too sick too old or too young, but you do need to participate as a partner in your healthcare journey because ultimately, the healing comes from you.

Katherine is a graduate of Virginia Tech where she studied Psychology and Chemistry.  While there, she developed a passion for Natural medicine and pursued this interest by attending Naturopathic Medical school at the National College of natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon.  NCNM is the oldest Naturopathic medical school in the country.  Naturopathic medical school is a 4-year post-graduate education program that require rigorous study and devotion to the understanding of disease and the care of patients.  Training includes two years of basic sciences – pathology, anatomy, physiology and biochemistry – identical to that found in traditional allopathic medical school.  The following two years include intensive course and clinical training in both naturopathic and conventional medical care.  To become a licensed and registered  ND, one is required to pass national basic science and clinical board exams.  Naturopathic medicine is uniquely able to understand the benefits and limitations of both pharmaceutical, conventional, and traditional systems of medicine and blend them into a holistic vision of what healthcare can be.  It’s a system of medicine that focuses on the root cause of a disease rather than the symptoms alone with the goal of working with you to determine and remove any obstacles getting in the way of your health.  It makes naturopathic doctors some of the most qualified practitioners available.  

Treatments for in Naturopathic medicine include:  

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Bio-Identical Hormone therapy
  • Flower Essence therapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal medicines
  • Physical activity
  • Exercise
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Vitamins and supplements

During her studies at NCNM, Katherine completed three years of mentorship with Dr. Kimberly Windstar in women’s health and endocrinology.  Katherine is passionate about providing good care to individuals with diabetes and other chronic diseases as she herself was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in college.  She brings this passion to her practice as she believes that individuals with chronic diseases can live long, happy lives.

While Katherine has an office in the hometown of her alma mater, she currently chooses to reside in New York City where she also has an office and divides her time between both places.  Dr. Katherine also offers home visits to clients in both locations so that they may receive naturopathic care in the comfort of their own homes.  She strives to give you the personal care you deserve with follow-up phone calls to see how you are following through with your planned treatment.   She will gladly work with your medical doctor, or health practitioner, chiropractor,  acupuncturist, or massage therapist.

Still wondering if you should try the naturopathic approach?  Feel free to call Dr. Katherine at  540-230-6758 to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation.  You can also schedule appointments to see her at her office located at Willowbank Creative Center, 200 Professional Park Drive, SE, in Blacksburg via her website at  Her goal is to work with you to create a health program and lifestyle that meets your needs and improves your quality of life in order for you to feel your best!