Blue Water Visions Logo and Stationary

logo and stationary design

Blue Water Visions

The Challenge

BWV-current-logoDuring a study while attending college, I decided to try my hand at redoing a logo for some friends who own an underwater photography business.  While their logo shown a lot of images of the beauty of the waters they visit, it was not a scalable image.  My goal was to produce something that was vector-based for scalability, easy to read and recognize, and a clean look and feel.

The Solution

I decided to start with their necessary tools to get the photos they do:  flippers, mask, and snorkel.  In the end, I decided the flippers were the most recognizable to underwater diving and drew those while highlighting the blues of the waters they usually frequented.  In the end I had a clean looking, scalable logo that I then used to make stationary for them.

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